Application Services


Application Services

FAUTORE LLC is about helping you and that includes giving you the Application Services that you need to bring your applications together. Integration is the main driver in our Application Services offerings, but we don't stop there.  Business is complicated and requires many different software applications to complete the various tasks of running the business.  We are here to help you fulfill the business obligations that you face today and tomorrow.

Database & Datawarehouse Development

Using the latest technologies we can help with database development. We specialize in MS-SQL, but we can integrate with most databases. For smaller, simpler projects we can develop databases based upon Microsoft's Access. The differences in costs are offset by capabilities. Lower requirements translates into lower the project costs. It's a value proposition.

e-Commerce Development

Have a need for selling your goods or services over the Internet? We can help by developing a website rich in e-comerece capabilities. Start with our basic sites on through sophisticated and integrated datawarehouse driven sites.

Multimedia Presentation Development

We offer multimedia development for interactive and creative presentation of your message. Using a variety of tools we can help you get that message out. Whether you wish to display the message locally based such as an advertising monitor in your reception area, a PC, smartphone, tablet, iPad or even the Internet we can help.

Office Application Development

Office application development includes integration with other office applications and any new applications required when a boxed option just does not meet your requirements. And what about all those spreadsheets?  How good is the data that is entered multiple times in several spreadsheets and prone to human error? What about the data which is updated in one spredsheet, but not the others? "Spreadsheet errors are costing businesses billions" according to the financial modeling company F1F9. In their ebook, "The Dirty Dozen - 12 Modelling Horror Stories" they estimated that 88 percent of all spreadsheets have errors in them, while 50 percent of spreadsheets used by large companies have material defects. The company said the mistakes are not just costly in terms of time and money - but also lead to damaged reputations, lost jobs and disrupted careers.  Why keep re-keying the same inputs into various applications and subjecting the data to human error? Office automation is a big part of this process. Together, we will look into your processes and come up with ways to minimize individual involvement and maximize the output. Call us now at 262-289-1799 or email us at so we can help you get your with your next data or integration project.