Managed Services


Managed Services

FAUTORE LLC's Managed Services will support your business in many ways. We offer support for hardware and applications from planning and purchase through end point delivery. 

Some of the reasons Managed Services works:

  • You can focus 100% of your time on your core business and not technology
  • Instantly acquire over 70 years of real world technology experience
  • Easily budget your technology expenses for the year
  • Helpdesk - You can call us when you have an issue
  • Proactively monitor all of your technology resources
  • Saves you money

FAUTORE LLC offers Managed Services such as:

  • Daily Server Health Checks - Helps to provide daily checks on the health of a server 
  • Daily Server Safety Checks - Helps to keep your vital server safe 
  • Realtime Server & Network Monitoring - Proactive monitoring of your server and network
  • Managed Continuity - helps to keep your business afloat in a crisis
  • Managed Web Services - full service websites from development to hosting
  • Managed Email - everything from mailbox adds/deletes to modifications
  • Managed Telephony - All maintenance like adds/deletes and the Calling Tree
  • Managed Workstations - helps to keep your workstations healthy and patched
  • Managed Security - Intrusion Detection, Patch Management & more
  • Mobile Device Management - BYOD protection